About us


Ola’s story is just like the product--kinda sweet, pretty nutty, and totally mixed up.  After moving from Pennsylvania to Colorado in November 2016, Hannah & Chris traveled to spend Thanksgiving in Missouri with family from all over the country. The tasty treat of the trip was a grain-free granola recipe made with love by family members from Michigan.  Hannah returned to Colorado & went to work baking, sharing with friends & tweaking the recipe to get it juuuuuuust right. When others asked what we called this rather atypical granola our response became:  “It’s just granola, without the gran, so...just plain ‘ola?” While we’re not sure exactly what the “ola” part of “granola” refers to, we do know that Hannah’s grandmother’s name just happened to be Ola, so the name took on an extra special meaning for us.  It wasn’t long before our friends started requesting batches of “Just Plain ‘Ola” for themselves & suggesting that we find a way to share this delectable mixture with more people.  One sunny Saturday in June 2017 we stopped by a local farmers’ market & asked what it would take to be a vendor...one week & 16 batches later we set up shop for the first time.  It’s been a wild ride so far but we’ve loved every minute of it; connecting with other local artisans & entrepreneurs, meeting amazing customers from all over & of course getting to make & share a product we love. (And it doesn’t hurt that our home constantly smells of maple syrup, cinnamon & vanilla)